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Mink Lash Strips

The eyes are not only a window to your soul, they’re also a looking glass that can show people your beauty, power, and sophistication! Every woman deserves to have that picture-perfect look on any given day, and that’s what we’re here to offer.


Our Mink Lash Strips are made not only to complement your look, but also to elevate your style without lifting a finger on all the technicality and intricacies of applying makeup.


Key Features:


Fuss-free - Don’t worry about the lashes weighing down your lid! Mink is amazingly lightweight; it almost feels like they’re your own lashes.

Creative - You can feel free to go with any look with the array of style selections we have in store for you. Go naughty or nice, we got you covered!

Manageable - If you’re crazy about makeup, great!  Our mink lashes are perfectly set so they don’t get in the way of makeup application. You can apply with or without makeup, you decide!  

All-day wear - Our adhesive glue has a reliable hold so you can be raving it out and still have your lashes intact while you do your thing and be beautiful as can be! 

All shapes and sizes - Do you have those big doll eyes? Or maybe even those sultry, fox-link slinky eyes? Don’t worry, just pick one you think looks best on you, apply them on, and look BOMB!

Our Mink Lash Strips are made for women all over who are up for some adventure on styling and beauty. Order today and add that gorgeous curtain of lashes to the window that are your eyes!


Types of Lashes

This particular style is 100% Mink Reusable up to 15+ wears with proper care Info: Mink lashes are made to match the texture of your real lashes. There are a few options when it comes to mink lashes: mink, faux mink, and silk. All three extension types serve a different purpose depending on the type of natural lashes you have, what kind of look you’re going for with your extensions, and how long you plan on wearing the lash extensions. Mink lashes give you a fluffy and soft feel, and the extensions tend to last longer because they’re very lightweight and you’re able to apply the mink lashes directly to your natural lashes.

Size: 28mm

Material : Mink Hair